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CASA HOGAR ALEGRIA was founded on the 24 of June 1997. We were established as a home for abandoned and abused girls, sent to us by the Mexican Authorities. Our purpose is to give these girls a happy and healthy atmosphere with qualified personnel that can give them the care and support and the necessary tools to build a better future.

Our main goal is to educate girls who have been victims of abandonment and neglect, with proper education they can change their lives, and reflect this not only on their future families but in our society with an active and positive participation in their community.

We own and operate a home which shelters 50 girls from ages 5 to 15. In 2013 we will begin the construction of a second home, to shelter another 70 girls that find themselves in the same situation. This second home will also be located in Toluca, Estado de México.

Our concept is based in changing inappropriate conducts for appropriate conducts, based on solid values in order to help the girls:

* To properly relate to others
* To exploit their full potential
* To build their self-esteem
* To be responsible, and self-sufficient human beings
* To develop their creative, intellectual and artistic capacity
* To give back to society

We need $30,000 US monthly to continue our work. We need all the help we can get!

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