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Roots of Development’s vision is for a world in which the very communities living in poverty are the ones leading the fight against it; a world in which impoverished communities decide their own future and manage their own development. Not only is this more sustainable but it is a whole lot more respectful.

Currently, we are working with a rural community on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. In 2007, residents of the community formed an association that was committed to addressing the local population’s development needs (clean water, education, housing, etc.). The local government was weak and a strong private sector was nonexistent. To effectively tackle these challenges, the community association needs to build a strong organizational structure and learn important management skills.

Roots of Development has found an experienced Haitian organization called CDECH that is willing to work with our local partners and help them become a stronger, more independent community association. Roots hopes to fund six months worth of capacity-building workshops for the community that will lead to legal recognition by the Haitian government, and new skills in community organizing, strategic planning, budgeting, conflict resolution, and computer technology.

We believe development is only truly sustainable when it is community driven, and when an investment is made in the human capacity of a community instead of just its infrastructure. The residents of community must be allowed to choose, build, manage, and maintain their own projects. They must be able to decide their own future.

Help us, help our local partner become the community it dreams of being! With a $10,000 grant from KIND this community will be on its way to becoming a more independent community managing hundreds of projects in the future and serving as an example to communities throughout Haiti and around the globe.

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