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ARK Project Now is all about spreading love and kindness. We believe any act of kindness, no matter how small, has potential to change the world. You never know how drastically you could uplift someone’s life, just by making the effort to be kind one time a day.

This summer we’ll be taking a Roadtrip! This is no meager roadtrip, it will be over 6,000 miles across America promoting Acts of Random Kindness (ARK). Whether it’s small ARK’s like paying for someone’s meal or giving away flowers, or huge a huge ARK like paying a strangers house bill; we want to impact everyone we meet.

We budgeted the trip out and it will cost $5,000 to keep us alive (food, gas, safety fund) and we’re raising $10,000 to impact others. We were the charity of choice for an event hosted by Ford Motor Company in March and we raised $6,000 specifically towards helping others along the way.

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