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Lentil is a puppy born with a cleft nose, lip and palate. He was tube fed for the first four months of his life until he was able to have surgery to repair his cleft palate so he could then eat and drink on his own. During our journey, Lentil became a Facebook sensation, growing to over 127,000 fans in under 9 months! It wasn’t until I began receiving emails from parents with children being affected by the same craniofacial differences, that I understood the true meaning of why Lentil is here. We began working with organizations to help to raise awareness for these children, who not only are born with a cleft lip or palate, but any child with a craniofacial difference. Lentil’s mission is to educate the public on “choosing kind”, and teaching that it’s OK to be different! He gives hope to these kids and shows them that the world is a wonderful place and that people want to help!
I’m in the process of compiling a list of names, birthdays, and surgery dates for the children that follow Lentil. Through “Team Lentil’ we will allow the public to participate in sending cards, etc to a general address, that will be forwarded to the children for special occasions, so they can see just how special they are! The Project that I am reaching out for is to get a grant that would allow us to make “Lentil’s Lucky Charms”. This is a program where I am looking to manufacture different shaped charms that will correspond to specific medical procedures that the children face throughout life. The charms can be collected and kept in their special bag that we will send them. It will be an incredible way for these kids to be able to look back onto and see all that they’ve accomplished and just how brave they truly are!

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