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We are riding our bikes across the USA because we want to live the biggest, fullest lives we can. We are raising money to create a scholarship program so that underserved youth in NYC and LA can go on a similar eye-opening, risk-taking, get-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-see-what-the-world-has-to-offer trip after they graduate from high school. We are raising money in partnership with STOKED, a non-profit organization that works with inner city high school students to help them become college and career ready. Upon completion of the STOKED program, students can apply for a Live A Big Life Scholarship. When you leave your neighborhood and your city, go outside your comfort zone, see and meet new people, places and things, you grow. You stretch and develop in fundamental ways, and your dreams grow along with you. You learn to reach higher than you used to because your perspective has broadened. That’s what we’re doing with our bike ride, and that’s the opportunity we will create for the youth of STOKED. There will also be a professional exploration component, where they shadow professionals and gain exposure to potential future career paths.

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