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The Caravan of Change (COC) is a group of artists and advocates who will tour the South East making a docuseries about social change. The organization’s mission is to give people the tools to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life by adopting simple changes in diet and lifestyle. We are on a mission to show that we are all capable of helping someone live a better version of their lives.

The COC tour will focus on issues including health, food deserts and raising awareness about various other issues that affect the mind, body and spirit of our brothers and sisters in the human family. Our documentary will zoom in on the lives of 10 people in different cities all making different changes in their lives, from diet to overall lifestyle changes. Our crew of experts will spend an entire day with each person and give them the tools, guidance, and support to change their lives all free of charge. Each participant will be left with a guide, a gift, and a flip camera to document the next 30 days of their journey. (We might even have a familiar face or two to help guide our change seekers.) Although our docuseries will focus in on ten people we will also be coming to a neighborhood, farmers market and festival near you to bring our creative brand of change around the globe. By day we will run skillshares on everything from how to plant an herb garden to diy solar panels. We will inspire, hug strangers, and show that we can indeed change the world. By night we will show soul stirring art documentaries and generally be KIND from state to state. This revolution will be televised!

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