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Significant numbers of patients afflicted with chronic disease are underserved by the medical community. Some patients compensate by becoming citizen scientists and experimenting with functional foods and dietary interventions. In many cases, they achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their families. Furthermore, the internet has allowed for the creation of communities of patients and caregivers focused on harnessing their collective insights. Their insights, however, remain largely unseen by the greater scientific community. To a large extent, this is because there is no method by which patients and caregivers can proactively and effectively communicate their discoveries in a scientifically meaningful fashion.

Currently in private beta, the “Trend” platform was designed to facilitate the systematic aggregation of anecdotal data into a potentially meaningful picture. “Trend” can be used to focus a patient community on those interventions that are most likely to result in health gains and identify promising areas of research for the scientific community.

Using mobile & web-based SaaS applications, patients & caregivers can enter personalized information and compare their health trajectory against those of their peers. TREND provides interactive, anonymized charts of crowdsourced health data.

Caregivers come to TREND to better manage the hard day-to-day realities of their loved-one’s chronic disorder – diet, weight, emotional and physical health. TREND allows anyone to test a hypothesis in a safe and structured environment.

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